Monday, June 08, 2009

In The Arms Of My Imagination ©©

When I’m alone
I dream of you
When we are together
I dream with you

When I see a sunset
I see your flaming hair light up the sky
Feel your fierce burning desire on my face
Waking the volcano sleeping inside back to life

In the dawn
I smell you in the room
Taste you on my lips
Feel you wrapped around my lust

Tumbling through ecstasy
Drowning in passion
Tangled among twisted limbs, thoughts and needs
Grasping for an escape from the knot binding the soul

Greedy lips thirst for nectar to swallow
Fingers claw to hold onto your salvation
The storm bares down on pure white sheets
Tearing fabric walls to shreds exposing hungry flesh

Insane blinding madness fills the room
As the beast escapes its bonds
To ravenously feed off built up frustration
Until everything is spent and you’re gone

Then I am alone again
Dreaming of you
When we are together
We’ll dream together once more



Diya said...

"She has magic in her
She is the conjurer to my dreams
She binds, she unbinds
I tangle, but cannot untangle"

You put up ur longing dreams succinctly!

Brosreview said...

Fantastic imagery here! Very sensitive, this one! Keep writing!!!

Shadow said...

such passion and desire, it's compelling!

Woman in a Window said...

In the tangle, Walker, somewhere in there lies the truth. But to have the tangle, to be able to be lost to it even if just for a time, that is a gift.