Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Stranger ©©

I look into the mirror
Staring at the stranger in the glass
Wondering who he is
Where he’s from

Every day I look at a new face
Someone I’ve never seen before
His eyes look familiar
As does his mouth

His fingers touch mine when I reach out to him
Pushing me back from myself
Keeping me from what I want to touch
To feel whom I am

Who does he see when he looks back on me?
Where does he think I am?
Does he care?
Should he?

My reflection always looks different
Yet feels, familiar
He can read my mind
Knows what I am going to do when I do

Who’s this stranger
Who does the opposite of what I do
Mocking my every thought
Laughing in my face

Is he trapped in the glass?
Or is it me?
When I move away from the mirror
Is there another world or is it the same?

Is there something different?
Am I the same in every dimension?
How can I get behind the glass?
How can I escape the mirror?

I look into the mirror
Staring back at a stranger I know
Someone I have never met before until today

If I break the glass to set him free
Will I shatter him to pieces?
Destroying what was for what could be
Leaving jagged memories to be swept away



Diya said...

That was simply Wow! Loved it. :)
The constant tussle of one with oneself :)

Rebekah Cadman said...

I second the WOW comment. I thought the same thing.

I sometimes think my reflection is living in an exact opposite world to me. I wonder if she has more fun than me.

Brosreview said...

Destroying one's trait from oneself is very hard and "might" be exceedingly good or alarmingly bad. Nicely put! Keep writing!

Woman in a Window said...

When you're seperated so it seems that both are trapped. Maybe the drawing together needs to take place.

itisi said...

I love this poem!!!
I especially love the last verse!

Shadow said...

i often find myself, staring into the mirror, knowing it's my face, yet knowing it isn't either... this is superb!!!

BlazngScarlet said...

The mirror always has two faces .....