Friday, June 05, 2009

Mind Boggling ©©

A new sunrise, a new day
A new adventure
Another page for the pages
A memory for the ages

Words to be lost
Forgotten and discarded
Answers to questions and mysteries
Hidden truths and false lies

Questions to answers I can’t ask
Answers to questions never asked
Feelings you can’t express
Pain you can’t understand

Words of passion

Fingers reaching from your lips
To my ears
My mind
And soul

Words we say
Words we hear
Feelings we share
Moments lost in time

“I searched the sky for the sun”.
“Staring at its splendor till it stole my sight”
Trapping it in my mind forever
Blinding me from the darkness

I’m lost in this purple haze of imagination
Swimming among truths
Drowning among the answers
Yet, still afloat in my madness

Don’t ask me if I’m in love
Don’t ask if I’m happy
Don’t ask if I’m free
Just watch how I feel

Are you OK?
Am I, are we?
Are you loved?
Can I feel love?

I’m alive
That’s all there can be
That’s all there should be
Live and life will find you

Don’t ask me
Just feel what I feel
Touch what I touch
Live what I live until tomorrow

Tomorrow will be another sunrise, more words
Until then, lie down and watch the sunset in a far off horizon
Wait for that last sliver of light to disappear……
Wait until it smiles back at you in the morning

Good or bad
Life is outstanding
If it wasn't
Why are we still here?

Inspired by your comments



Brosreview said...

Okay, when I read the title, I thought of this being a response to us, your readers. And, I am right. I used that word to describe one of your poems.

"Questions to answers I can’t ask
Answers to questions never asked
Feelings you can’t express
Pain you can’t understand"

I relate to this as many a times, I cannot quite express what I feel about your poems. Sorry about that. But, I try my best.

I also like these lines because not many understand my work as well.

Nice poetic way to react to your readers. Ha!

Rebekah Cadman said...

Loved it. I wish I could be more eloquent, less cliche but it's true.

I loved the line "fingers reaching from your lips to my ears my mind and soul" that's how I feel about this poem. It resonated with me.

Walker said...

Brosreview: No one can truly understand what you feel because we all see things with different eyes and you shouldn't knock yourself out trying to explain it.
Take what I put here inside you and use it in a way that you understand how it makes you feel.
Maybe we'll both see an apple or one of us an orange but we will still understand, even thought its a different melody to each of us.
My love could be your pain or yours mine both different but we will both understand what love is.

That's why I don't answer my comments because we all see different things among this mess of words.

Read and enjoy the emotion, whatever it might be to you.
I'm just here fishing through my mind.

OH and don't anyone get used to me answering my comments on this blog either.
I'm kinda shy you know.

Have a nice weekend

Walker said...

Rebekah Cadman: Is it a cliche if its true?
We all have the same dreams and fears.
We all feel the same angst the next person feels.
I rather hear people sing the same tune and know I am not alone in this shit and that there is someone out there that understands.
I think how we interpret everything in the end is what matters the most.

Shadow said...

life's outstanding, if we choose it to be so... nice run-on.

hary!! said...

Lastly...Life indeed is outstanding....otherwise we aint here...true!


Rebekah Cadman said...

I know what you mean. When I feel like I'm alone and then discover someone who sees what I see it lights me up. It makes me feel weightless. I also feel that way when I read really great stuff like yours.

Woman in a Window said...

Yes it was! I wondered about that as I was reading. Have I been admonished? Perhaps so but I can't help myself but to ask. You can always ignore me.

To date, this is my favorite. You're strong in this one.

Walker said...

Woman in a Window:
We are all happy and sad.
We are sick and healthy.
We are alike and different
The veil of life hides our similarities

Woman in a Window said...

I feel compelled to ask, will you take your helmet off Walker?