Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Close Your Eyes To Live ©©

Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Come with me for a walk
Down memory lane when everything was always right
No one was ever wrong
Life was sweet and the future wasn’t as bleak

Run through meadows filled with life
Roll around on the ground until there is not a sound
Lay back and look at the sky listening to nothing
Nothing but your heartbeat bouncing against the night sky
For all to hear even you
Loud and clear

Along this freeway, down this dusty road
We swim through the human traffic
Some go slow others fast
Others drown while holding onto the past
Until there is nothing left to hold onto
Then fade into the deep like the rest that never got that far

Close your eyes
Take a deep breath and come with me
To a place where there is no victory or defeat
Where you never fall to your knees but to smell the flower of life
Close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat bounce off the sky
Until you lay down to sleep forever



Kay said...

sounds like a dream....

Heff said...

sounds like death, to me.

Woman in a Window said...

Maybe lay on your back instead, and fart in the grass, laugh at the clouds and roll down a hill. Who knows what you might roll into?

I've been there, the eyes closed place, and I don't want to go back.

Walker said...

Woman in a Window : I been there twice.
Keep coming back for some reason.
Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment