Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spare Thoughts ©©

I write the words that come to mind
Words I never knew before
Words I have never heard
Words I never understand just believed in

I speak of feelings
Feelings I never knew existed
Feelings such as I have never felt
Feelings I don’t understand yet embrace

I remember memories I never had
Memories that are dreams within dreams
Memories that make me sad and happy
Memories I don’t understand but cherish

I hear voices long gone
Voices that spoke loud and clear
Voices that are louder today
Voices that I never understood but today sounds sweet

I see a world as it is
A world lost in its own confusion
A world scared of being left behind
A world I can’t understand, yet try to keep it together

I sit at my desk and think of things to say
Things I know nothing about
Things I can’t touch
Things I don’t understand only feel

I live in a time where nothing is for sure
A time when everyone is blind and deaf
A time when the truth isn’t real
A time I can’t understand, just live

I now sit in the dark thinking of what was
Of what could have been
Of where I was and where I’m going to be
Of the times I never understood, when I should have known

I write the words I hear in my head
About the memories of when I lived and loved
About the times when I died, when life was bittersweet
About what I understood to be or what I felt at the end of the world



Brosreview said...

Oh I can so relate to this one mate! Keep writing!!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Yes, keep writing --- *smiling at you *