Monday, July 27, 2009

Over Jagged Peaks ©©

She asked, “Where are you going”?
He said, “Far, far away”
She begged, “Why”?
“Because, it’s something he had to do”

All the love in the world
All the desires and dreams fall by the wayside
Because that’s the way it is
The way it has to be

Things change, people don’t
Time moves on for those on the road
For those that stop to wait
There is only today

Down this road and out of town
To a future still not written
A dream unlived
Up the mountain because there was another side

On the top, the sun shine brighter
A beacon to follow
A light at the end of the tunnel
To chase, to another dream

She asked, “When will you be back”?
He said, “Far, far into the future”.
She cried, “Why”?
“Because that’s the way it is”.

She watched him go, off to places unknown
Places she only sees in dreams
Dreams with him
As she knew she was in his on the other side of the mountain



Shadow said...

reminds me of 'ya gotta do what ya gotta do'... wonderfully expressed!

Diya said...

That was succha true expression of ya thoughts and some strong analogies. Gave me an idea of the spiral notion of time, where things go on and on irrespective of the differences in situation! "Time and tide waits for none" after all... Beautiful! :)