Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sandy Beaches ©©

I stand on a distant shore
Staring out over dieing waves
Wet fingers claw at my feet trying to pull me back
As I watch an old path gently ripple away

Alone on this beach
Nothing but sand and water to drown in
Left to wander forever with temptation to the left
Dust to the right

Only ahead remains to follow
Behind is tomorrow when I reach the end this island
Following destruction to the end of salvation
Chasing what may be the same or different in this moonlight

Footprints in the sand marking the past
Until a salty wind comes to blow them into tomorrow
The road anew once more, fresh
Fresh, to draw a map to a future, a desire or desires

An open hand chases me to the desert with every wave
For the sands to swallow and time to hide the past
Until a wind blows in from the sea once more
To blow away the footprints of time and me, into tomorrow



Kay said...

It's the circle of life, that keeps us wandering

Shadow said...

nothing is set in stone forever. we do have the power to create change...

Kathryn Magendie said... always