Monday, August 03, 2009

What's Real? ©©

What’s real, what’s not?
The scenery has changed
But the mountains still stand tall
One’s new, one never was

I walk by these same streets
With the same names
The faces in the windows have all changed
Yet their reflections remain the same

Weaving through jagged alleys
Between perfect squares
Surrounded by the scars on the walls
The souls of the lost looking to find who they are

Out to the screaming world
The crying sky and bleeding earth
The rivers run down these greasy roads
Pushing the past away into the ground

Cardboard people walk down wet sidewalks
The rain slowly melting them away
Until they reach the curb and fall off the end of their world
And mine

Is this moving fog real?
Can I swim in it or will I fall into a bottomless pit?
When I reach out to it, it moves away
Exposing a future as it might be

Through the cracks in time I watch
I watch the different layers of life
The past and present
Living and dieing in both

Is this world, this life, real?
When I wake up in the morning
Am I still asleep?
Am I still alive?

In this jigsaw puzzle
Is there room for me?
Is there space for us?
Or do we walk blindly in the rain to the curb?

What’s real?
What’s not?


1 comment:

Shadow said...

reality or a dream. nicely depicted!