Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Hear The Silence ©©

I hear the silence
Feel the ghosts of the past brush past me
Sending chills through my soul

I can smell time gone by when I close my eyes
The lilacs have now become plastic ornaments
As the mist on the water has turned to smoke

The trees, titans have wilted into sawdust
Left to dance with the sand from the dry riverbed
Across the prairie before the twisted mass fades into the past

Bent back naked to the sky
Feeling the wind flow over me
Raising me high in the sky like a feather

How high can I go?
Before I have to go away forever
On these magical wings

How high must I go?
Before I can reach up to grab the lightning by the tail
To crash it together into thunder

How can I make the sky cry?
Make it shed a tear
Breathe life to the dead and dieing

Dry tears of time cry from the sky
Covering what’s left with one more burden
One more layer to smother the air

Only the wind remains
To whisper to tomorrow
About the silence



Shadow said...

i love it, and the closing verse, perfect!

Brosreview said...

Yes, I too like the final verse! Keep it up!!!