Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dreams In The Mist ©©

Where are the roads that lead to places I want to be
Where are the dreams of yesterday
The ones that spelled out tomorrow
The ones written in the stars

Where have all the years gone?

How did I get to here
This place in time
What brought me to this moment, this being
On this road to somewhere

Where am I?

Through this night and into the darkness
I wander with my eyes closed
Shrouded in a soft blanket of mist
To be lost in the open

Where was I?

What mysteries lie behind the curtain of life
Beyond the bend, across a lonely field
By a river bank in the shade
Somewhere, anywhere

What do I need to see?

Alone in the dark staring out at nothing
Blind and lost yet not
Dead but alive
Living and breathing, just existing

Where I am?

Where do all the roads lead?
What’s on the other side of the mist?
A river, a valley or a field of dreams
Where is tomorrow and where has today gone

Where will I be in the morning?



Woman in a Window said...

Walker, I read this out loud and so of course I heard my voice, but somehow on a deeper level I heard my voice here too. Perhaps we all can if we listen closely.

Shadow said...

tomorrow takes care of itself...

Gerry Boyd said...


Brosreview said...

Thought-provoking! Keep writing!!!

Boxer said...

I love your writing.

Rebekah Cadman said...

I love this. Particularly the line "what mysteries lie behind the curtain of life." Your work always moves me.