Saturday, July 18, 2009

Running Mad ©©

Running down the road
Running as fast as I can
Running from the shadows chasing me

Far I have to run
Far off to places unseen by greedy eyes
Far beyond the imagination
Far into the darkest of nights past

I move from light to light
I move from place to place, from life to life
I move to where I can take my shoes off, but…
I move constantly as the shadows grow longer

Across borders
Across rivers and mountains
Across language barriers
Across the lines in the sky

Lands I have never seen
Lands that have never been understood
Lands far from what I know
Lands in another world

Chasing a fading light as my shadows chases me
Chasing life among the clouds
Chasing what my mind sees
Chasing chance

Shadows creep up from behind
Shadows from the past
Shadows with no eyes or minds
Shadows cast by greedy oracles for the blind to see

Into tomorrow for something new
Into tomorrow for something simple
Into tomorrow to escape the future
Into tomorrow yearning for the past

Running Far
I Move Across Lands
Chasing Shadows
Into Tomorrow



Kay said...

What a battle, running from yourself, yet self is the constant, yearning to forget yesterdays and longing for them to return...

Brosreview said...

A strong one! Keep writing!!!