Friday, July 17, 2009

Blades Of Light ©©

I watch as the lights streak across the night sky
A million wishes swim in a sea of dreams
Plunging to the earth with one final burst of life before the end
Before the lights go out

I reach out to catch them but they disappear before I can
Before they burn away into memory
Dieing off into the night like fireflies in the light of dawn
When a new beginning showers the earth

I see the sun peek with it's one eye as it crests the hill
Winking at me as it wakes from its slumber
Crawling out of it’s grave
Out of the blanket of darkness that had shrouded it from our eyes

I feel the stillness all around me come to life
While I sit bathing among the rays of light
It’s warmth once more reaching the depths of my soul
Until the light shines from my eyes too

I embrace the world around me with no fear, no love or anger
Welcoming what is as it should be
As it was meant to be
Unchanged, just as it is

I watch a falling star fall off in the distance for me to catch
If I can
If it will let me
If dreams are meant to be caught



Kay said...

How wonderful this post! ...great ending....if dreams are meant to be caught...?! 'as it was meant to be unchanged, just as it is' what virtue of acceptance

Brosreview said...

Yes, I agree, a brilliant ending! A good theme too!