Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spirits In The Breeze ©©

In a breeze I feel the spirits rise
Rise above what I want
Above what others demand
High above what is rational or insane

Floating away in its embrace
To places unseen
Places only found in dreams
Surrounded in veils of mystery and intrigue

Rolling over high mountains
Bouncing off swollen clouds and surfing the rain
On a bolt of lightning, thundering to the ground
Drawing a line for the rivers to chase to the end of the line

A soft embrace to ignite the rage trapped within
To be free of bonds we put on then forget to take off until
Until you can’t breath, choking for air
For one more breathe of life

Lifeless among the clouds
Going no where yet somewhere
Where the winds blow and the stars look down
Day or night

High in the sky the clouds gather
Spirits in the sky
Dancing and singing together
Raining down tears of joy and sadness

A breeze sweeps across the valleys
Gathering up the spirits of the fallen
Sending them up to shine down
Day or night from the sky

I stand on the edge of midnight
Feeling the breeze go by
The spirits passing through my flesh, their last time
Energizing my soul before they reach the night sky



Brosreview said...

"Lifeless among the clouds
Going no where yet somewhere"

Good lines! Keep writing!!!

Shadow said...

i want to be that breeze...

Kay said...

i know that place...

Kathryn Magendie said...

"A breeze sweeps across the valleys
Gathering up the spirits of the fallen"

love that ... gorgeous

Anonymous said...

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