Monday, August 10, 2009

Whispered Freedom ©©

They whisper your name in the shadows
The look in their eyes
Says what they think they know
Or show what they don’t

Asleep in a crevice carved into a dark place
A crevice that was once lit up with billions of candles
Fueled by laughter, song, youth and freedom
When tomorrow was always today and today was every day

With the passing stars and drifting skies
Time opened the door to the shadows
Like a northern wind they swept down
One by one the candles winked away into the night

Shadows grew as the laughter faded away
The night melted into the dark side and tomorrow
Tomorrow is no more as the last strands of smoke curl away
Today becomes a memory and tomorrow is only tomorrow

Still living free within the shadows
A soul blackened and body beaten by its touch
Yet still resisting against the shadow cast down by the guardians
Keeping a candle lit for those that winked out

The few that remain, sparkle in the dead of night
Where the heavens were once bright are now dark
For the few that remain shine until they to go out and freedom
Fades away with the wind’s howling laugher echoing in the night


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