Monday, September 07, 2009

Damned ©©

What do we got to do
To break out of the bubble
To shove aside doubt
Strike down fear
Walk away from the swollen tit
To be free of rules

Where must I go?
To find anarchy
To fight for what is mine
Defend what is yours
Because it’s what I want
And what pleases me

When will the walls crumble?
To let in the wild beasts
Or to set them free
To bring down someone else’s ideology
Someone else’s way of life
Not mine

How will it start?
Will there be a winner?
When will it happen?
Where will it all begin?
How will it end?
Who will be left?

Do we start the beginning of the end?
To move closer to oblivion
To give it all away for naught
To lay down with the rest
To get lost in the dust
For no one to find over time

Freedom is the will to be free
To resist without gaining a step
Or loosing one
To do as you please within the rules we bend
We are free to dream as we wish because
Until we get caught, we’re innocent just like the rest



Kay said...

pure as freshly lain snow

Shadow said...

...freedom starts within your head. love this!

Smokey's Daughter said...

Why Walker,your Last Soul page lovely! See what I have been missing!! I can see I will have a lot of reading ahead of me. And the music just makes it all the more beautiful. Thanks for being in touch so I could discover this!