Thursday, September 03, 2009

Driftwood ©©

Do you have a name?
Do I?

What is this place?
Is it real?

Can you hear?
The nothing

Where are we going?
What is the journey?

Spin, spinning out of control
A waterspout among waves of thought

Across memories of time
Filled with desires, carnal and all others burning within

Reach into the darkness with naked fingers
Grasp for what was lost, what was given, stolen

The darkness consumes those with sight
Only the blind survive the darkness of time

Who am I?
What do I want?

How, where, when can I
Why do we reach out to the unknown?

Deaf fingers touch blind souls
Searching for insight to the past, maybe the future

Is this illusion real?
Or is my mind going mad

Am I lost or running away
Away from who I am or who I want to be

Time chases the sun across the sky
Time is the enemy

Are we awake?
Or still asleep

Do I have a name?
Do you?



Kay said...

so many questions of which we hold the this dazed confusion of life

Diya said...

Awesome :)

Brosreview said...

Nicely written mate!

PS: I hope you received my invite!

Walker said...

I don't think I did.
What was it for and are there large breasted women involved because I'm there if there is.
Ok, I would be there anyway but large breasted women is one hell of an incentive.

I don't know what I am to look for I have 90 emails.
One invite to send in a post about any topic i choose. Is that it?
There are a couple of other invites but I don't think they are from you.... you're a guy..right?
You better be because i would look like one dumb fuck if you weren't.
I'm going in to check again

Walker said...

Brosreview: no I didn't but i think i know what you sent me. No I didn't get the invite bgut i have been gone for a month so it may have been deleted automatically from my mail.

Brosreview said...

Umm, I did send you an invite. Well, I sent it again! I hope you receive and accept it. Thanks! And, yes, I am a bloke.