Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today I Want Something ©©

Today I want something
Today I want something that will make me forget
Forget what can’t be forgotten
The unforgettable

There is something I need to forget
Something that’s been haunting me
Something I don’t know
Today I need something to help me forget

A bitter drink to taste on my lips
To wash away another bitter taste
Something strong to numb my mouth and mind
To change their flavor

Maybe a smoke to inhale
To feel it’s fire burning through my lungs
To blow out the sins of the past
Before I too become ashes to be blown away

Today I want to get drunk
To get lost in the smoke from my breath
Today I want to wander aimlessly in the smoke
Like in the dreams I always have

Inside the smoke I can bare my soul
Surrender who I am and of what I have lost
Until the wind comes to leave me naked with only my thoughts
Dreams, to hide me from the elements of time

Today I want something
Something to make me forget yesterday
Before everything becomes ashes like my smoke
Before the red ember dies away forever

Today I want a toke
To get lost in a world that isn’t real
I light one up and drag deep
And hold it until I disappear within its embrace

Today I want to look back one more time
Before I spill my drink and put out the dreams I had
Today I want to forget what’s not important anymore
To remember what matters

Today I want something
A drink?
A cigarette?
A toke?

Today I want to forget
Today I want to get lost
Lost in my own dreams
To be free of my past

Today I want to be me



Heff said...

I've got something that will make you forget, but it'll cost you 10 bucks, lol !

Shadow said...

how often i've done that... yet the memories remain...

Brosreview said...

Oh! I can so relate to this feel!

Indigo said...

Be strong and have your beliefs, but I know where you're coming from