Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fuck It ©©

You know
Sometimes I just want to say
Fuck it
Then walk away

Fuck this
Fuck that
Fuck you
Fuck me too

Sometimes the world is a mountain of shit
Smells so bad
You want to run away, not walk
But can’t

I sit alone
Thinking back to when tomorrow
Was just a dream and today
Was the dawn of yesterday

On this bench
Once surrounded by grass and trees
Once long ago
Now surrounded with black tar and un-recycled crap

With my foot I kick the pile
Watch it bleed
Watch it disappear into the ground
Swallowing it up along with our souls

Weaving a black ribbon to follow
Out of the wilderness
To the dark unknown
Where there are no more benches or trees

Some have to stomp their feet to fight
To grow something out of the shit
While the black ribbon disappears in the distance
Swallowing those that fall in behind

In time we have to say fuck it
Fuck it to everything
Fuck it all and do what has to be done, what’s right
Or you could walk down that long black ribbon to nowhere



Brosreview said...

A lot of aggression here! I find myself here too! Nicely conveyed!

Heff said...

I'm diggin' this text !!!

Woman in a Window said...

Walker, I hear you. I've been there. You are resigned and powerful in this one. Wish it wasn't so. Wish you weren't so sure. But I hear you and I understand.

Shadow said...

a certain amount of 'f*&k it' is needed, otherwise you'd tie yourself up in knots you'd never be free of. hope the intensity lessens soon.

BlazngScarlet said...

Fuck it .... even if it's just for today.