Friday, September 25, 2009

Deep Woods ©©

Night after night
I look out to the darkness
Looking for a light, a glimmer
A sign of life from this gray wilderness

It’s in the stillness of night
I understand what’s meant to be
Illuminated by the mind’s bright light
To understand the illusion of life and to see

The night holds my life in her hands
Cradling me in her bosom
As she did across many lands
She protected me from certain doom

Only the night can reveal what’s true
Who we are when the sun falls
When the light kneels to her
She reveals our souls

Across night skies
Away from this endless season before I fall from grace
Far from half-truths, lies
I fall back and disappear into her embrace

In the darkness of night
She whispers in my ear
She tells me to stay away from the light
To live here in the night without fear

But who will see me in the mornings
When the night sleeps and I’m left alone
Left to watch all the people from the shadows walking by
Slowly turning to stone

The night is my shadow
My life’s blanket
She keeps me warm when life is cold
In the light I wear my disguise like everyone else

The night is our blanket, our protector
The dark corner to run too
We close our eyes to escape fear
Wishing the evil will not see us

Day after day
Stumbling down the street in a daze
Blinded by the light
Drowning in the noise until the silence of night sets me ablaze

Ablaze for all to see
To know who I am
Not who I use to be
Until she leaves in the morning and I become who I am

Night and day
Day or night
Night or day
Day and night

It’s all the same
We are the shadows and ghosts
The one’s with all the visions
Hidden away in the darkest closets



Brosreview said...

I mean this when I write, I reckon, this is one if the best pieces I've read over here. Keep it up!!!

itisi said...

All I can say is...WOW

dark wings said...

Beautiful, everyone needs a blanket at some time