Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holding On ©©

Time passes slowly
Yet to fast
The seasons come and go
They never last

As the days get shorter
The nights get quieter
While the mornings
Become lonelier

The shadows have begun to fade away
With the blowing wind and rolling leaves
Dusk settles on the earth
Time slips away behind the mountains

The road leads between twin peaks
Time and distance
Night and day
For one more chance

To chase yesterday
Or wait for tomorrow
To reach for a dream
Or to waste time you can only borrow

Choices you can make
People you can be
What’s on the other side of the mountain?
Something I have to see?

Yesterday is still fresh on my lips
I haven’t tasted tomorrow yet
Or smelled the scent of her lust
Suckled on her ripe breast

Seconds march by
As fingertips slip away from yesterday
Grasping onto tomorrow's dream
For a time and place to stay


1 comment:

Brosreview said...

Staggering! I love this piece a lot! It talks of the harsh truth, it is right on your face! Keep writing!!!