Thursday, October 01, 2009

Swimming In The Fog ©©

Alone in this field
I look at the millions of possibilities
My eyes project a possible future
A dream for my mind to watch

An early morning mist binds me to where I stand
As a fog rolls in from the west
Blinding me from knowing the future
Before it comes to pass

Engulfed in an ocean of dreams
Walking for miles in the same footprints
Going no where yet everywhere
But there

Everywhere I go I’m lost to you
You bury me in the daylight
You bury me in the night
You bury me out of sight

Pushing the waves with every step
Crashing against those coming my way
My hands reach out to search the darkness
For the one sending them back my way

With a blink
I’m on a beach
The sun is in the sky and the surf
Is running over my body

The sand is clean
Not a single footprint
Coming or going
Not even mine to be seen

There are millions of possibilities
Millions of dreams
Even you’re here
When I close my eyes

Close your eyes
Swim against the fog and be reborn
In your dreams everything is within reach
Just grab hold when you wake up



Brosreview said...

There's something in this piece that made me read it again and again. I am not quite sure what that is. It is great as always!

Shadow said...

your words snagged me and tagged me along... i think i'll dream, i think i'll grab, i think i'll do what i dream...

Boxer said...

one of your best. :-)