Saturday, October 03, 2009

And The Silence ©©

I hear the drums beating in the distance
The screams from the other side of the mountain
The laughter
And the silence

I see the lightning in the sky
Dancing off covered peaks
The thunder beating against my chest
And the silence

I feel the rain on my face
Splashing off of my cheeks
Cascading down to the ground
And the silence

I taste the bittersweet flavor of life
As the raindrops pass through the layers of time
Before they kiss my lips
And the silence

I touch the sky with extended fingers
Energizing my soul for another day
For when there are only clouds
And the silence

I smell the wet dog on the corner
As a river rushes past my feet
Washing away it’s sins to the corner
And the silence

I hear things
See, feel, touch and smell
Pain and desire
And the silence

I look at the far away mountains
I close my eyes and see what I want to see
Feel what I want to feel
And the silence

I dream and dream
Every dream, the end is the same
I wake up
And the silence



dark wings said...

Silence is such a sad emotion,
if you can get through the twilight,
you can make it into tomorrow

Brosreview said...

+1 to dark wings!

itisi said...

Ahh...Madrugada...The Valley of Deception!
This post and their song meld perfectly...