Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sailing The Skies ©©

The sky is empty
Darkness fills the empty spaces
Hiding it all from prying eyes
Hungry souls

Where have you gone?
Where have you been?
Did you find what you were looking for?
Did you touch your dream?

What have you learned?
What have you taught?
How did you get there?
How did you come back?

Why did you go?
Why did you come back?
Who did you meet?
Who did you miss?

I just want to walk away from it all
Run for horizons
For freedom
For a free breathe of air

When did you know you had to go?
When did you realize you had to come back?
Is this where it all began?
Is this where it all ends?

Was leaving that important
Was coming back a mistake
Will the bed still be warm?
Will it be cold?

Would you know where to go?
Would you want to?
Should someone be waiting?
Should it be me?

Hills become mountains
Mountains become horizons
Horizons are at the end of our fingertips
As are our dreams

Are the stars that far away?
Are our dreams beyond reach?
Do we go?
Do we stay?

Can you see over the mountain?
Can you feel the breeze?
If you could sail away from it all, would you?
If you didn’t, would you regret it?

Does the night cry for the day?
Does the day miss the night?
Maybe fire and ice?
Maybe ice and fire?

When I close my eyes
The wind fills my sails
Sailing as the wind blows
Over the hill to the mountains


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