Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In The Darkness ©©

In the darkness
Among rustling leaves
Where the wind whispers in my ear
I try to get lost in the wilderness

Only the trees stand tall
Naked and withered from years gone by
Erect fingers reaching for the stars
Attempting to set roots on earth and heaven

Silence fills the night
Only the leaves speak
Singing their sad song with every step taken
About their fall from the heavens

The wind blows away the crumbs
Sweeping the night clean
For the day to arrive in its glory
Pure as the white light it rides

The trees are street lights
Crumbled paper scattered below it
A gust of wind with every passing car
The black rain in the clouds

In the darkness
I see rustling leaves
Feel the wind on my face
I find myself among the stars

But you have to leave every morning
The light chases you away
Even when I ask you to stay with me
You run away

Only magic can make night to day
Change a leaf to crumbled paper
What magic can I use to make it go back?
To make it all right

If I counted the stars
How many would there be?
If I close my eyes and opened them
Will the wilderness have swallowed up the jungle?

In the darkness



Shadow said...

this sounds like an impossible dream...

Kathryn Magendie said...

so sad......

Lora_3 said...


Be safe...