Thursday, November 05, 2009

Dragon Fly ©©

Where is the lever of life?
The handle I can pull
To slow down the world
Or jump off before I get dizzy, then go mad.

Maybe it’s to late

When did the stars start moving on by faster than the clouds?
When did the clouds first appear?
To block out the sun
To plunge the world into darkness

Maybe they were always there

What happened to the bumblebees?
The dragonflies
The fresh smell in the air
Nothing artificial

Maybe this is the new real

Is the world spinning fast or are we
Are we the ones spinning our own yarn?
Tying us up in this madness
Following this stopwatch we call living

Maybe we’re too eager

Standing between sunrise and sunset
Lost among the rays burning me away
Empowering me from one side
While the other sucks it all away

Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be

What happened to the green grass?
The tall trees
The skyscrapers in the forest
The ladders to heaven

Maybe they withered away

Now all there is, is concrete
The green grass is black asphalt
The sky dark even before night
What did happen to the dragonflies?

Maybe they found the stars

Green is green even when it’s gray
The sun shines even if we see it or not
The world is spinning out of control
Time is never on our side anymore

Maybe I need roller blades



Kay said... that last line, maybe i need roller blades....

but something i have observed, living in the city, at night there is always still light, sound...

now, when you leave, even for a moment, it's eerie, the darkness, the quiet, lurking outside...your abode.

Shadow said...

i think we create a lot of our own spin and dizziness...

Gerry Boyd said...

feeling speculative? bravo.

Brosreview said...

Hehe, the final lines add a dash of humor! Nicely written, as always!

Lora_3 said...

You can't cross the street without getting hit by a car, so how is you on roller blades going to work. LOL

I emailed you last night so please go looking for it. Please! LOL

Be safe...

Anonymous said...

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