Sunday, November 08, 2009

Today And Forever ©©

Today and forever
I’ll be dreaming of you
Yesterdays will always brighten tomorrows
So the present can live one more day

Sadness will always drown in tears of joy
As happiness is always close by
Even when dark clouds veil the sunshine
Your warmth still reaches out on cold days and colder nights

Long fingers lick at my feet with every wave
Crawling out of the oceans of my mind
Pushing me away
Then pulling me in to drown

In the morning I’m never alone
The sun sets on both worlds
At night I remember your eyes
Just as I remember the stars twinkling up in the skies

Memories dance among the mists of time
Swirling among other thoughts
Dreams that have been cast away
Out of reach into the deep oceans of time

All that remain are the dark shadows
The lingering memories
Yesterday’s fade through time
As their glow lights up the present for tomorrow

Today and forever I’ll be dreaming of you
Dreaming of yesterday
Living the present
Until yesterday and today can join in a tomorrow


1 comment:

itisi said...

This is beautiful.
All of it.