Monday, November 16, 2009

Stranger ©©

Look at me
Have you ever seen me?
Do you recognize my reflection?
Do you know my name?

Can you feel what I feel?
My pain
The claws tearing me up inside
Is it in my head or my soul?

Where has it all gone?
The time, the laughter
The familiar faces
From the long gone places

Faded memories
Distorted thoughts
An existence eaten away by time
The crumbs remain in this tortured mind

I have become a stranger
To the world, to life
Even my shadow looks like someone else

I stand on this mountain
Staring at the crossroads of time
Trapped between heaven and hell
Frozen still in a blue flame

I can’t go back
Only forward to an unknown
In an unforgiving world
Far from what I know

Where is home?
Is it where I lay down?
Or where I want to be?
Is it in my heart or in my mind?

Who am I?
Who are you?
Where are we?
Where are we going?

Do you know my name?
Or where I’m from
Do I exist?
Or am I a shadow walking through time


1 comment:

Shadow said...

many a question i've asked myself... great write!