Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drifting Senses ©©

Away from my body
Lost in this mind
Sailing across waves of emotion
Into a dark unknown

Each passing wave electrifying the air
The soul
Washing away inhibitions
Cleansing the senses

Riding a wakeboard of desire
Carving out a slice of lust
Feeding the beast inside
Before it withers away in it’s cage

Smelling the scent of our lust
Desires once forgotten
Tasting the nectar of fulfillment
As it runs down your face

Touching the untouchable
Savoring what hungry eyes feast on
Moans fill our ears
Are they yours or mine?

Sailing away from yesterday
Entwined in emotion and desire
Drowning in lust and pleasure
Drifting into today



Monogram Queen said...

Wow that was deep!!!! I like your new look :)

Shadow said...

this is the perfect read for this still sleepy mind of mine... going, going, lost......