Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Breeze ©©

Gentle fingers brush my face
The same fingers dancing with the leaves across silent meadows

The air washes over the land
Laying me down softly to face the veiled skies above

A billion blades kneel before their burden
The rest waving with the wind as it passes by

I close my eyes
Allowing the wind to carry me up to the clouds

Held before the stars to be judged
To be granted admittance or sent back hurling to the earth in a torrent

The air is light among the clouds
Sparse like those fleeting moments in time that slip through our fingers

Before the stars we are reminded of who we are
What we were and will be

The lives we dreamed, times never had
Passing just out of reach

A distant trumpet summons the clouds
Leaving the sky naked for all to see

To watch a shooting star disappear from the night
Or a falling star for the rest to wish on

Bathed in the moonlight
Cleansed for what is to come next

The wind whispers my name
Calling from the past to the future

Gentle fingers find my face
Familiar fingers

The stars are still in the sky looking down
Judging us for tomorrow



Gerry Boyd said...

a lovely meditation, this. bravo!

Shadow said...

gentle and so soothing...