Thursday, December 10, 2009

Between Seasons ©©

Far away I see an eagle soaring to the clouds
A leaf falling to the ground
The wind picks it up gently
Carrying it to a stream to float away into time

A seed escapes a cattail
Rising up over head
Before a bird steals it from its rise to freedom
Swallowing up its future

The sun looks down
Warming up the world with a smile
Energizing everything
Even our souls

Awakening in a forest of trees
One side it’s summer, the other winter
A stream passes through the middle
As a crystal leaf floats away into the fog

Standing in winter’s cold grasp
The sun’s golden fingers reach out
A reminder this will pass
As the snow will melt away down the stream

An eagle sleeps among the clouds
While the leaf enriches the earth
The wind whispers a lullaby
As a sprout pops out of a pile of bird crap

A Rabbi stands on a mountain
The priest prays in the synagogue
The monks grow hair
There is only one stone left to stand on


1 comment:

Brosreview said...

Fantastic ending! You continue to amaze me mate!!!