Sunday, December 06, 2009

Somewhere Out There ©©

Somewhere out there
The sun is rising on a Promised Land
Where there are no more tears
Gone with all the rest of our fears

Somewhere out there
The land is lush and the waters are blue
Where man has never seen to touched
Only the wind caresses its shores

Somewhere out there
Is an island, far from the madness
Where there are no expectations
Survival is watching sunsets and sunrises

Somewhere out there
A ship waits for me
Where it goes no one knows
But the wind that fills its sails

Somewhere out there
There is another time
Where the minutes are longer
The days shorter

Somewhere out there
There is a place
Where the wind whistles
Only what you wish to hear

Somewhere out there
There is a time and place
Where we will find
Who we are

Somewhere out there
The wind is blowing
Where to no one knows
Do you?



Brosreview said...

Beautiful! I can get this one very well!

Shadow said...

no, and i'd rather just blow with the wind, even if i don't know where...

Anonymous said...

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