Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dead Ends ©©

How did it get this far down the road?
When did the pace of life change?
Was it all a waste?
Or was it just the right time?

Ruin lays in its wake
Disaster upon disaster
Small things grow into mountains
The rubble remains as a monument to forget

Shadows cast down from the east
Swallowing up the west
Driven by fear of the unknown
Fear of letting go of what is known

The light chases the shadows into the darkness
Yet the world lives in the gray of day
Lost and scared of what might be
Clinging to a tattered past

The treadmill never stops
Life just runs faster
Running nowhere, going nowhere
Just refusing to fall

Have we walked to far down the road?
When did we run into this dead end?
Was it all worth it?
Or did time just run out?


1 comment:

Shadow said...

a blink of an eye is all it takes...