Thursday, January 14, 2010

Among A Breeze ©©

A lonely breeze catches me as I walk this way
Whispering my name as it passes
Helping me through this day
As time passes

The skies are always gray
The nights always dark
Just the stars go my way
And the moon still finds me in the dark

Out here I can reach out
To grab the sky
To plant my feet and shout
Until it bounces off of the sky

Why is there a pot of gold
On the other side of the rainbow
Why not on this side so I can get hold
To paint my own rainbow

When do I get what I want
Be what I want to be
Reach something to distant
Maybe I’ll never be who I want to be

In the hour glass of time
The sand will never stop
Just getting dusty while following that line
Until it’s time to stop

The wind will hold my hand
As the moon smiles down on me
While we all cross the lonely land
Together as we all look for everyone and me


1 comment:

Shadow said...

we all get what we should, get to where we're meant to go, meet who we're meant to meet..... at some time. the right time.