Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who? ©©

It’s been a long time
A really long time
Since you left
And went the other way

It doesn’t feel like only yesterday
Not even like last week
But rather
Like it had never been

Strangers passing in the night
I remember it all
Mostly at night

Only when you’re gone
I begin to forget
I’ll forget when you’re out of sight, out of mind
Just not in the night

Places I go no more
The new places have strange faces
Void of any memories

It’s been a long time
Since you walked away
Only when you’re gone
Do I notice the days go by

The seasons wash away
Chasing the stars across the sky
Only the moon remains
To reminding me of that day

Even the clouds have gone away
Following the rest
Leaving only tears
To now rain on the ground

It’s been a long time
But not long enough
Not in the day
Only at night



Shadow said...

the yearning is deep...

Kay said...

awwww....yes....the inevitable heart item, i wish could have never been a first, tormented and scarred walking forward to it inevitably happening again...sigh...they cycle.