Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cat People ©©

I watched as the rain pours over the side of the roof creating a curtain in front of me.
It was coming down hard, flooding the whole area.
The rain didn’t bother me.
I like the rain.
It cleanses ones being.
Not soul.
I have no soul

No one could see me as I stood out there on the porch, in the open behind my wet curtain.
Enjoying the cool moist air as it stuck to my dry skin
Cooling a cold heart.
I spend a lot of time waiting
It’s what I do

I have been waiting for a long time.
What you say have I been waiting for?
Well, many things.
Never the same but under the same circumstances
Pretty much.
I have been waiting since I was thirteen
Still am

He told me that one-day, I wouldn’t have to wait
He used to wait too
Not any more
I still do and always will
Until I don’t
Whenever that is
And it’ll be sweet

I could see the lights in the distance
They were getting closer and bright
My body instinctively loosened up as it has done a thousand times before
Knowing what is to come
Preparing to accept what ever happens
I could smell the new leather on my hands
Soft, black and ……….soft

The whole front of the house illuminated as a car pulled up to the front drive
I could see the man and woman sitting in the front
They couldn’t see me.
She leaned over and kissed the man
They both held there for a few minutes before they separated
Then she opened the door to leave
She never left

I stood on the porch and watched as the beast transformed into its hideous self
Its claws tearing away her tender throat before bending down to feed
The window was stained
A broken shoe on the dash
Remains of a futile attempt of escape
But terror turned to relief them peace
Before the end

A step and I was before the deluge and the second
Brought me into this world
The third and fourth steps to the driver’s side of the car
The fifth to the window
The black leather glistened in the rain
As did the black steel finger
Before it belched its holy flame

I pulled the door open
The demon lay there with half its head gone, yet still alive
Raising the my hand once more
To send one more ounce of silver through its brain
A light shone down on me from behind
A small voice called out

I look over and watched her run down the steps to the car
She had to be all of thirteen
I remember
I remember the rain on the window
I remember when I first saw him in my mother’s bedroom
He told me the monster was dead; then took me away forever
I never looked

Turning, my hand went up then down one last time before shutting the door
She came to the car but I stood in her way
Taking her by the hand I told her she was going with me now
As he had once said to me
The demon is dead and will stay dead
As long as there’s someone standing in the rain, waiting
It’s been a long time since I had a dress



Shadow said...

what a story!

Tom Bailey said...

I connect well with the way that you write. I enjoy the rain because where I am it means cool wheather which means that when I breathe in it feels crisper and cleaner than when it is hot. Like you said it cleans things and I do like things clean.

I enjoyed the part about leather because it reminded me of wearing leather spiked wristbands and telling people they were so my wrists would not get cold.


Tom Bailey

Brosreview said...

Great narration here Walker! Keep writing!!!