Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Price ©©

When the wind comes
And the clouds are gone
The moon shines
All around

It’s warm glow lights up the night
Revealing mysteries unseen
Ghosts among the living
Phantasms rendered invisible by daylight

Creatures roam the alleys
Feeding off of the refuse and those to weak to run
To be taken until their eyes turn cold too
Swelling the ranks of the unforgiven

The moon’s sad glow rests on the hilltops
Watching the battle unfold among its shadows
Warm corpses roll back down below
While their ghosts battle alongside the living

Empty eyes stare up at the bloodstained moon
It’s tears raining down from above
Washing their souls down that one last river
To sail away into a burning sunset one last time

When the wind comes to blows away the ashes
They will be gone
But their jubilant cries will echo forever
As the moon’s cries them one last time

As the night brings out the truth
The moon will put light on it
Until the morning
When all is the same but different faces


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