Friday, January 08, 2010

Born Of Legend ©©

What is that?
What did you say……….?

Again and again
How many times must I dream it?
How many times must I want it?
How many times more

How many…..?

When does it stop
When do I say no more
When will I see what’s right

What’s not….?

In the wilderness
Was it better?
Free without a care
Breathing in the sweet air

Yet, without a home….

Upon rules
Links upon links
Binding us in chains

Killing us slowly…

Like beasts in a zoo
Broken and no more
Just a flicker remains
Just existence

Broken souls….

When will the rains come?
When will the cold tears wake us up?
Make us stand straight once more
Wash away this daze

Has freedom become that of legend…?

What we give away freely
Is hard to take back
From those who craved yours
Then took mine

Where has it gone…?

Something we were born with



Shadow said...

oh gosh, yes indeed, and even when we have it, most don't even realise it. or want something else...

Kathryn Magendie said...

beautifully written, Walker....

(and as always your comments on my blog make me laugh and make my day!)

Brosreview said...

The doors are closing in on freedom. Or, is it? I mean, I reckon, with priorities and duties that increase as we age and become responsible, the idea of freedom changes. Am I making sense?

Nicely written!