Saturday, January 23, 2010

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When the moon rises high in the sky
I know I’m home at last
When the stars wink down at me
It’s a welcome I have missed

I run up the side of a hill
To be close to the sky
To feel its embrace
As the sea air passes by

A comet waves as it shoots by
Sending a misty kiss
From high above
Telling me, she’ll be back too

My eyes reach for the darkest corners
Looking for a flicker to absorb
One last time before the waves
Pull me away with a whispering tide

Across oceans
To a distant land and foreign skies
Just the salt air remains the same
A reminder of yesterday

How long before the moon rises again
So the stars can wink down
For the sky to embrace the earth
One more time and again


1 comment:

Cece said...

Very Nice, Walker. You never cease to amaze me.