Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Me ©©

Can you see what you want?
Can you reach for it?
When did it all start?
Wanting what you want

Was it on the spur of the moment?
Or a flicker in the moonlight
Was it a dare or a scare?
Does it matter?

If you close your eyes, what can you feel?
Is it what you want to touch?
To feel
Or is it what you fear touching you?

Is this where it all began?
Or where it all ends
Embracing what you crave
Then falling back into its arms to sail away

Can you FEEL what I feel?
See what I see when our eyes are closed
Is it freedom?
Or is it all a dream

Sailing through my dreams
Looking for what I want
What I don’t have
And never will

Was it on the spur of the moment?
That I thought I was free
Or a flicker in the sky reaching down
Reaching for me to come along to the stars

To sail away
To be me
Free from all bond
Free to be me

Free, nothing is free
There is always a price to be paid
Freedom, is it impossible?
Or is it just me?



Shadow said...

true freedom i think is a lonely place. after all, everything is linked to another, and that does involve letting go of a little bit of personal freedom. how free do you want to be...

Walker said...

Freedom is many things but i think the most important freedom is being free to do what you want to do when you want to if you wanted too

Brosreview said...

Ah, our thoughts are similar in this subject. May be, freedom is somewhere. We need to find it.