Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reflection ©©

Who is that in the mirror?
Is it someone I know?
Or a stranger
Of someone I used to be

Where did all the years go?
Where has the person in the mirror gone?
The boy with the twinkle in his eye
The man with a dream in his mind

How have I come to this stage?
My path brought me here
To these crossroads set in time
Staring myself but only seeing a ghost

A specter ravaged by time
Crippled by desire
Left on the side of the road to be swept up
Or away

Looking at lines carved out with time
Searching for stories to remember
Memories to forget
Lines on the map of life

Tender flesh has turned to leather
Black to gray
Desire to necessity

I look at the stranger in the mirror
An old man searching for someone
Maybe the boy
With the glimmer in his eye

Only greasy fingerprints are left on the glass
Hands on my face
Searching for that place in time
The glimmer one more time



Smokey's Daughter said...

I hear ya. There are times I look in the mirror trying to find ME. I can look at a photograph from years ago at that innocent girl full of life and fear and joy and I want to tell her that life will throw some spitballs but that she will be fine.
I love how you write dear friend. The funny and the touching.

Anonymous said...

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