Friday, January 29, 2010

Run Away ©©

The world is turning gray
Swallowing up all the sunshine
From all the places I go too
But the ones locked up in memory

Run away with me
Run with me to places only we can go too
To places no one can find without you or I
Places only we can find

To an island where it’s sunny all day, every day
Where the stars twinkle every night
The moon is always full
And you’re always by my side

The rain falls down on my head
Bouncing off my face
Waking me up as the gray comes over me
Yet, when I close my eyes, it’s always sunny in this place

Skipping through puddles
Laughing through rivers of tears
Racing through muddy meadows
Running away from gray skies

Running from the howling cries
Cries the wind makes when I’m gone away
Running from the gray skies
To an island bathed in what I am missing

Run away with me
To a place only we will know
A place locked up forever
A place locked up in memory

Run with me
Run away
Run until we find the sun
Run to what only we can see

Run away
Run away until tomorrow
Tomorrow the sun will shine again today



Gerry Boyd said...

I would love to see this put to music. Unfortunately I can't write music but this is lyrically wonderful. Makes me wish I could.

Brosreview said...

I second Gerry. This is a very good song! Keep writing!!!

itisi said...

You have peeked inside my heart haven't you?

Tom Bailey said...

Reminds me a little of a deeper version of the U2 song "runaway" or "I will follow" - I forget which name it was.

This one gives me a mixed feeling and leaves me with more questions...
Why run away?
Why isolate yourselves?

Thanks for giving me more questions to answer for myself.

Tom Bailey