Thursday, February 04, 2010

Who Am I? ©©

Sitting on the edge of a mountain
Looking across oceans, I ask
Who am I?
Who have I been?

Does anyone know who I am?
Is it just enough that I’m alive
Or is there a need
A need to let you know who I am

But first
You have to tell me
Tell me what I’ve done and where I've gone
So I could know too

Who am I?
Who have I been?
What have I seen?
Where am I now?

The waves pound against the mountain
Shaking the foundation of this world
Waking me up to this moment
Seeing who you are and finding who I am?

On this mountain I see what you see
We see the oceans pounding on the walls of Jericho
Shaking us all awake
What will we see?

Who will we be?



Kay said...

don't know about you, but i'd stop sitting on ledges! :) a universal question, i have yet to find the answer to

Kay said...

p.s. the goo goo dolls song playing is a great backdrop for this write

Shadow said...

we are ever-chaning, ever evolving beings, aren't we...