Friday, February 05, 2010

Addiction ©©

Once I was nothing
Then I was something
Fresh and innocent
Covered in the blood and mucus of life

Innocent and curious
Always reaching out
To touch something, feel anything
Addicted to living from the start

Chasing my next fix
Selling my soul for more
Not for money, just a chance
A chance to feel something new

Something I have never felt before
A feeling never felt by anyone else
Something that can only be mine
Mine and mine alone

Something I know you would want
By the look in your eyes
A feeling I could share
Or maybe not

How far has my addiction gone?
How far to the next feeling?
Will it be all mine?
Or will I have to pay rent

Still covered in the blood and mucus of life
But not as innocent
Still addicted to life and selling my soul
Not for cash, just a chance to look in your eyes


1 comment:

Tom Bailey said...

Addiction can be such a powerful tool that can be GREAT and also negative at the same time. Blood and mucus -

Tom Bailey