Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sweet Danger ©©

Stay away from high places
Sharp edges
Run from the shadows
Hide from what can hurt you

Close your eyes to beauty
Go deaf to sweet words
Accept only what’s ugly
That which is harsh and expected

Stay because you have too
Go because you want too
Lock the door from the inside and throw away the key
Pull down the shades then go blind

Out in the woods
There is risk and fear
Mingling with all its dangers and challenges
Along with life and cheer

In the jungle there are dangers
Dangers next to every fruit for you to pick
To explore a danger we’re willing to accept
A moment of weakness, a chance, a risk

Climb high mountains
Stand on the edge of the world
Look at what’s out there for you and if you fall
Enjoy life as it flashes before your eyes


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