Monday, February 08, 2010

Dusty Trails ©©

Brushing the dust off
Slapping the feeling back into the legs
Then snapping the joints back into place
Right after getting back off of my ass

One more time
One more time into the drink
Dipping in where I shouldn’t be
Yet loving where I’ve been

Down dusty trails and muddy roads
Following that bitch called life
With spiked heels on her feet
Her hips carving the trail for me to follow

Stumbling through all the ruts
Grabbing a little here or there
Getting my pockets picked
Even the family jewels were almost gone

Knockin on door after door
Jumping from every second floor window
Running barefoot through the park
Wishing it were already dark

Wandering back an forth
Until the world spins out of control
And only the stars are all that’s left to see
Until the dawn so we can do it once more

Dusty roads to follow
Following that line in the ground
Chasing life as her hips wiggle from dusk to dawn
While her fiery dress slaps at my hands as I grab her ass

Down the road I go
Kickin stones and pebbles too
Opening doors and getting dusty
So I can find what I want


1 comment:

Kay said...

hope that bitch does lead you astray...hehe i really like that concept, life being a woman in spiked heels guiding the way