Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Somewhere ©©

I am floating
Out of control
Drifting east
As the wind blows from the west

Across quiet plains
Over high mountains
Raging rivers
From one ocean to another

My mind is swimming
Through emotions
Across many dreams
Just to be here

From the deepest jungles
The darkest pits
Or coldest places
North and south

I fall through the different dimensions
Lost here on earth
Passing all the possibilities
Time offers us

Through the day
All nightlong
Even when it’s all gloomy and gray
I am floating away

Floating among the stars
Sailing with the winds of time
To places unknown
Places never seen

Across decades, centuries a millennia
Across time
Across the sky
Floating somewhere far away from here

Somewhere…………..yet………….. nowhere


1 comment:

Gerry Boyd said...

Some of your best work Walker. Really enjoyed this. Nice mix of the real and the abstract.Bravo!