Thursday, February 11, 2010

Midnight Blue ©©

I saw it in the sky
Read it in the stars
I felt it when it happened
As it buckled my knees

I danced through the night
Eyes closed
Around all the obstacles
Spinning my own web to corral my desires

Tied up with what I want
With what I can’t reach
I bow to what I have
But I still look for what I desire

I don’t want what I have
But its all there is
What I have, what I got
What exists in this my world

I saw it in the sky
You looking down on me
Smiling at me once more
Like before, before time had passed

I heard the voices
From foreign lips, bitter words
Words unknown to my ears
Yet your eyes said something else

I read it in your eyes
Then I told the sky
It dropped a tear on my cheek
Then it cried for me

Once more I fall back
To what I know
To the one who always wants me
The one who is always there

Together again
Clapping from puddle to puddle
The moon and I dance through the night
Until it’s time for both of us to go



Brosreview said...

I am speechless. I loved it! Keep writing!!!

Sam!! said...


Take care