Friday, February 19, 2010

Lost And Found ©©

Stepping into the mists of time
Stepping into the future
Taking a chance
Taking control of what might be

Reaching for what you want
Reaching for what you don’t have
Grasping a dream
Grasping something you desire

Sailing through time
Sailing through all your dreams
Searching for what’s waiting for you
Searching for what you never had

Turn, turn, turning
Turning out of control
Falling, falling far below
Falling out of control

Spinning with all your thoughts
Spinning with your wants
Tasting what might be
Tasting what you think is sweet

Far you fall
Far you travel
Into the future
Into the breast of time and your dreams



Kay said...

i know that breast....i think she belongs to the bitch called 'life' :)

Smokey's Daughter said...

Walker, This is so beautiful. And to listen to it with this version on Nights in White Satin?? Well that made it all the more lovely!