Sunday, February 21, 2010

Traces In The Dark ©©

Tracing a line in the dust
Opening a new path to follow
A path where there was none before
To follow and explore

Looking behind every bush
Under each stone
Around every corner
Lost every shadow

Searching for places
Places never meant to be found
Feelings never meant to be explored
Only desired

Through mysterious forests
Across raging rivers
Hunting to feed a hunger
With the fruits of my passion

Feasting on what the soul desires
With what life seeks out
What life doesn’t want, what I want
Yet so elusive to find

Chasing time
As it ploughs into tomorrow
Carving out a line to the future
A line to follow

Where I go no one can follow
The line in the ground
Is now dust in the wind
Until someone digs it out once more


1 comment:

Tom Bailey said...

The last line stood out to me very much digging up the line drawn in the sand it could mean so many things but it fits into the rest of your work.

Nights in white satin really mixes well with this post.

I also liked the change in the profile to make your blog link easier to get to.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey