Monday, February 22, 2010

I Am ©©

Who am I?
Who have I been?
Who have I become?
What have I become?

Where have I gone?
Where was that?
What did I see?
What have done?

Across all the oceans
Over every mountain
Some all the way into the sky
Across the street

From shore to shore
North and south
East or west
Up and down

Everywhere I have gone
Yet I have been nowhere
Everything I have seen
Yet I’m blind

Who’s that in the mirror?
And is this all his?
Where did he come from?
Why is he here?

From eternity to oblivion
I am who I am
To come and go
With the passing of time

Down dusty roads
Lush meadows
Over mountains and oceans
Chasing sunsets until the dawn of time

I am
I am I am
I am
Who I am


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